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ShapeYourPlace is a website designed to help you improve your neighbourhood.

This is how it works:

1. Find out what’s going on in your neighbourhood

  • View the latest issues and ideas, posted by neighbours
  • Rate issues and ideas with the ‘Like’ button
  • Subscribe to an issue or idea to receive email alerts when updates are posted
  • Add your view or offer advice, by commenting on issues and ideas

2. Report community issues or suggest ideas to improve your neighbourhood

  • Use the easy online form to report an issue

3. Service providers and neighbours respond and find solutions

  • Local councils, the Police and Fire Service respond within 10 working days
  • Neighbours can offer support or advice, by commenting and “Liking” issues and ideas
  • Popular issues or ideas will be referred to Neighbourhood Forums or Police surgeries and can influence local services and priorities

4. Write a blogpost

5. Engage in political debate

  • Use the easy online form to start a political debate
  • Share your opinions
  • Ask questions
  • Have challenging conversations 

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I was asked to make a wish for #Cambridge I asked for it to be more #accessible and #inclusive #shapeyourplace #millroad

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